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    Meizhou Dongpo adhere to a lifetime dream of two decades, a group of people one thing

    June 6, Meizhou Dongpo who celebrates its 20th birthday, this moment, 289 representatives from various positions, with nearly 10,000 employees worldwide voice and blessing, gathered Meizhou Dongpo headquarters, shop announced a blueprint for the next 10 years 8000 stores, in order to open the next 10 years journey.


    Sichuan to build the industrial chain to do with the standard Michelin Sichuan
    Meizhou Dongpo next 10 years, the deep plowing Sichuan industries, from farm to factory, to the restaurant three blocks joint development, to build the whole industry chain of Sichuan. Dongpo taste of agricultural companies, through the Agriculture and Commerce docking will have geographical characteristics of agricultural Sichuan flag with the country; Royal River ferry company focused on food processing materials, the use of modern technology to simulate manual GB production.


    “There is no standard, there is no improvement, have to do with Sichuan Michelin standard” This is Wang Gang, chairman of dishes requirements. The first is the standard Michelin stringent quality ingredients, in order to ensure high-quality ingredients, Meizhou Dongpo painstaking efforts, has been managed from the field to the table, from caterer to feed producers. Refers to the taste of Sichuan pepper, pepper, bean paste … from the seed, the raising, education, election … start from the environment, water. Through scientific research, simulation Sichuan winter weather, temperature, humidity, reducing the origin of taste and refinement to enhance the process on the basis of the old, so that each dish delicious sausage can achieve consistent results. Analog manual, GB production, which is the Meizhou Dongpo Michelin standards to adhere to, but also to restore the nature of food.

    Solid foundation hard skills
    This year will lay a solid foundation, hard skills to implement in the end. We can win the war for the establishment of the “armed forces”, Meizhou Dongpo and the world’s largest human resources consulting firm – Mercer cooperation, create world-class human resources system, and start international talent strategy, from the United States, Sweden, and other well-known companies attract talent, reinforce the talent base for the development of Meizhou Dongpo.


    Fine for the establishment of management systems, like Bruce Lee Wing Chun, reduce unnecessary movement, precision strike. Meizhou Dongpo executive team, repeatedly went to the United States, Japan, Starbucks and other world-class enterprises to learn, continued to improve.

    Globalization site development system, Meizhou Dongpo US Westfield Corporation, Irvine, Universal Studios, Jones Lang LaSalle, Lake real estate, property group CTS Group and other leading companies to get the best location opportunity to ensure the success of each store.